The Sundance

The Sundance or ‘Wiwang Wacipi’ is a traditional Lakota ceremony that represents life and rebirth. It was once exclusively Lakota, but has become a ceremony employed by many other Native American tribes across the US and Canada.

Each tribe has its own variation of the Sundance.

What is described in this page is the Sundance that takes place at the Ice family residence in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

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Directed & Filmed by Carlisle Antonio

As requested by Gerald Ice to assist in helping with the people who attend the ceremonies as they need to be fed and housed. People come from across the USA, Canada and even from aboriginal Australia. Often these are very poor people who just about manage to get to Wounded Knee to attend these sacred ceremonies. They come so that these traditions can be carried on and that the future generations can remember the stories and the original teachings that were handed down by the Creator to the old ones of long ago. These traditions and ceremonies are sacred and cannot be sold or used for personal benefit.

Please note that this film was put together to support the traditional leaders running this Sundance and though this may cause some controversy, this is not about selling ceremonies or making money or exploitation - it is merely a call for help and assistance. Assistance can be given in many ways and not only in terms of monetary donations. So please do not send in the usual inflammatory comments and cliche driven cries of ‘sell out’ etc - To those who take part in this ceremony and visit Wounded Knee, will understand and see the truth in the genuine need for support.

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