“You are free to choose but you are NOT free from the consequences of your choice....”

“If there were a moment in time I could remain forever wrapped in the warm embrace which soothes my aching heart and calms my troubled mind, you would be that moment... You would be the embrace that brings light into the darkness of the dark, silent room in which I have set for too long yearning for your touch...”

Shea Keck

Shea Keck with the legendary Micki Free at the AIFI Awards ceremony, singing’ Seminole Wind.

An utterly awe inspiring rendition of  John Anderson’s huge hit.

Seminole Wind

Background story....

This was filmed during my very first visit to the American Indian Film Institute’s Award Ceremony that was held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

I was attending the Festival to showcase my film, ‘Coloring the Media’ that was chosen by AIFI, to premiere on the night of the main event.  Anyhow enough of my shameless plug.

I had taken with me my newly acquired, extremely cheap , home ‘Mini DV Video Camera’, with no external microphone and or knowledge of the prowess of its optical zoom. In actual fact, I had no clue as to the events or performers of the night and was totally awestruck upon arrival and seeing the likes of Bonnie Raitt, John Densmore (The Doors) and Charlie Hill amongst others listed to appear on the night.

I even got to go backstage and meet all these wonderful heroes of mine.

So I duly turned my camera on and recorded everything I could possibly record, making no pretense as to what the quality of sound or film would look like. For those who haven’t been to the event, I have to add that the only lighting is stage lighting, with the audience (about 5000) moving, fidgeting, getting in and out of their seats ( Yes, a truly native event) -

Shaky zoom, the camera once zoomed in has a strange quirk, being a bottom feeder, oops low quality/cheapie, tends to blow out the default image stabilization. This of course means ‘shaky camera’

Overall, I was actually impressed given the low lighting, audience distraction and shaky zoom, in reality it didn’t turn out too bad for a home movie type look. 

I had since posted this video on You tube and it has gotten a tremendous response. I still get letters from folks saying how awesome Shea& Micki are together.

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